We are an animation production company which specializes in background art production.



1.Background Art
Background Art

We primarily focus on creating animation background art, and we have a track record of producing background art for a wide range of genres, including games, commercials, and more. Additionally, as we are capable of art setting creation, art direction, layout, and animation production from storyboards, we are more than happy to be your primary contractor.

2.Animation Production

Since 2023, we have launched our animation production business. Collaborating with talented creators from both domestic and international backgrounds, we are capable of producing high-quality animated works.

About us

About us

Our company was founded as a game development company specializing in original works for smartphone apps. Subsequently, we expanded into the CG illustration production business and currently operate as an animation background art production company. We have had the opportunity to work on numerous well-known intellectual properties and theatrical productions. Our production bases are global, including Kyoto, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue in Vietnam, and Bangkok in Thailand, we are a team of more than 70 experienced (and talented) staff members.


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