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About Us

Our company focuses in producing background art for various anime project, such as movies, TV series, commercials, and other animated films, as well as CG background art for games.
In 2023, we launched our animation production business, transforming us into an animation production company with strong background art capabilities.

Three features of the Creative Freaks

Production Achievements in Prominent Works
Famous track record

We have been involved in the production of well-known IP across a variety of media, with a primary focus on theatrical anime works, TV series, commercials, and other forms of animation background art, as well as CG production work for short animated films and games.

At our overseas production facilities, we have the capability to produce high-quality background art in large quantities within a short time frame.
High quality Short term Mass production

We have production facilities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, Vietnam, and Bangkok, Thailand. We employ approximately 50 artists internally. Together with our external staff, we are a production company of about 70-100 people.

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to produce high-quality contents in large quantities, especially for theatrical animation works and TV anime series, where top-notch quality is crucial.

Requests can also be made in English or Chinese
General transactions are possible

We have four studios in three countries around the world, and we primarily serve the Japanese animation market. Naturally, we have people on our staff who speak English, Chinese, and other languages, so we are able to handle requests from foreign countries as well.


As of January 2023, we have established a total of five studios in Kyoto, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), and Hue City (Vietnam).


Our headquarters is located in Kyoto, where we handle management, sales, and the progress of various projects.


We established this location as a base for managing human resources for diverse projects, especially for short animation production and upstream processes of background art production (e.g., setting production).

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City

This is our first overseas studio. It consists of more than 10 full-time dedicated staff members, and together with our external staff brings our total workforce in HCM city to around 40 to 50 people. We specialize in the mass production of background artworks for TV series.


This is our studio located in Bangkok, Thailand, with around 10 artists on our team. Our primary focus is on creating background art for theatrical anime works where high quality is paramount.

Vietnam Hue

In Hue, a historical city in Vietnam, we are probably the only studio specialized in background art. With a team that includes very experienced directors and young staff, we are involved in a variety of projects.

Indonesia - Under Contemplation

The office will be established in 2025.
These photos are simulations.


Hiroshi Tagkiguchi
Tokyo Studio - Art Director
■ Notable Works
'Garden of Words'
'Weathering with You"
Yuuichi Sakai
Tokyo Studio - Producer
■ Notable Works
'Kono Danshi' Series
'Your Name'
'Oshiete Koksusai! -THE ANIMATION-
Leonardo Ken Usami
Tokyo Studio - Art Director
■ Notable Works
'Your Name'
'Weathering with You'
'Suzume no Tojimari'
Mineaki Sugata
Kyoto Headquarters - President and Founder
■ Notable Works
'Burn Your Fat With Me!!' Series

Company Profile

Company name
Creative Freaks Co., Ltd
34-20 Fukakusa Sekihojiyamacho, Kyoto Shi Fushimi Ku
16th July 2014
5.5 million JPY
Business content
1. Animation background art production
2. CG illustration production for games, including smartphone app games
3. Animation production
4. Contract development of home video game software and more
Affiliated Companies
Creative Freaks Zero Co., Ltd
Creative Freaks TOKYO Co., Ltd
Creative Freaks SAIGON Co., Ltd
Creative Freaks BANGKOK Co., Ltd
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