Free Materials Terms of Use

Free Materials Terms of Use ★★★★

  • In this page, we offer the free clipart materials that can be used freely in game development, mainly for commercial or doujin.
    Of course you can also use it for other purposes than games.
  • Commercial use is available.
  • Redistribution of data is prohibited.
  • Processing and partial availability.
  • Direct linking of materials is prohibited.
  • No credit is required for the use of the material. (We'd be happy to publish it.)
  • You do not need to contact us in advance by e-mail or other means.
  • The copyright of this work is held by CreativeFreaks Inc.
    The work created after processing or partial processing is considered to be a derivative work of our work.

Introduction of the illustration production business ★★★

*This is a quality sample. We will create additional samples as needed and distribute them as free materials.

CreativeFreaks, Inc. is a CG illustration business as well as smartphone application development and sales.

This service allows you to bring the world's best freelance 2D artists to work with you as an external staff member on your product development.
We can attend and direct the artists as well.

In addition, since we translate all of your orders and materials, you can use our services as if you were an independent author living in Japan.
There is no extra charge for the translation of purchase orders and materials. Our prices are much lower than those of other companies in the same industry in Japan.

In terms of quality, we use the best artists carefully selected for this service, so we always try to provide consistent quality that exceeds the price, rather than being cheap or bad.

We are also willing to accept production on a trial basis for first time transactions.

We welcome Japanese companies as well as coterie members, so please feel free to contact us.
If you have any questions, please send us an email using the contact information below.

Contact for CreativeFreaks Inc.

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