Terms of service

★★★Terms of service★★★

  • We have been providing the 2d illustration artwork which can use freely for a game development of commercial use or indie use mainly.
    *Of course, you can use them without using for the game development.
  • You can use them for commercial use freely.
  • You cannot do a redistribution of our artworks.
  • You can use it with revising freely.
  • You cannot show our works on your website and other media without the permission of us.
  • You cannot make the direct download link to our works on your website as well.
  • You don’t need to publish our credit on your website.
  • You don’t need to contact us in advance to use them.
  • We keep the copyright all of the artworks.
    *We treat it as the fan fiction if you revised our artworks.

★★★ Introducing for our services ★★★

We have been running the making 2d illustration service in addition to developing a smartphone app.

Basically, this service is for Japan industry.

We can assign a foreign artist to Japan illustration artwork job without going out of your country.
And we can translate the order sheets or the specification documents to English or Chinese.
So, you don’t need to read them in Japanese.

Further, We can protect a foreign artist from a trouble which happens from the difference of the business practice between Japan to your country.

About the commission payment, we have been trying to fit our payment policy to your one as much as possible we can.

We welcome an awesome foreign artist who interests Japanese job.

If you have an interest in this service, please send us with an e-mail to “contact us”.

I’m looking forward working with you!

Of course, we can provide the artwork to foreign developer and publisher. If you want to get a Japanese artwork, please contact us to “Contact us” with e-mail. We can find the Japanese or foreign artist who need by you.