Business Overview

Original Software Development & Publishing

It is our main business. Our main product, smartphone application (iOS / Android) Burn Your Fat With Me! The franchise has hit more than about 1 million downloads in the world cumulative total. We are publishing worldwide in Japanese · English · Chinese (Traditional) · Spanish and Korean.

Entrusted Development

We are joining in a wide range of software development projects, from system development for business use to console games and smartphone applications. (It can develop Xcode, Java, Unity, Unreal, Cocos-2dx, WEB applications etc) It is possible to develop consistently from planning proposal to localization.We can respond flexibly by entrusted development, revenue sharing projects, and others.Please do not hesitate to “contact us”.

Illustration Production

We are working in illustrations service by our exclusive staff and freelance illustrators.
We will be in charge of not only the artist ‘s assigning, but also the translation of specifications document and the direction of creators.In addition to guaranteeing quality by carefully selecting excellent artists, we can offer high quality illustrations at relatively low prices compared with competitors.Please do not hesitate to “contact us”.

Translation Agency Service

We are doing a translation service using freelance translators who are responsible for localization with our products. Supported languages are Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish. Please do not hesitate to “contact us”not only for corporations but also for indie games such as individual development.

Contact Us

For inquiries about work etc. from here.