Burn Your Fat With Me! 2 Plus

ランニング応援ゲーム ねんしょう!2+


The world’s first “moevation” fitness app!

Burn your fat with me!! uses the Japanese visual novel platform to provide players with the motivation to work out through “moe”, a Japanese term describing that special, heart-melting feeling you get when you see an adorable female character. We call it moevation.

After all, what better way to stay motivated than the support of a cute girl?

It is available for the running version of the BYFWM was a long-awaited product for the fans.
This app is a sequel of the first Burn your fat with me!!.A new heroine “Yuki Hashio” in this game changed from the first title.It is become to create a whole new story with the new romanceable! Accordingly, the exercise turned running from muscle trainings.The greatest feature is the running battle with the heroine!! Of course, You can enjoy fighting yourself and one of the past! This app become to raise product quality than the first BYFWM!

It is the largest update title in history of the Burn your fat with me!!

A new version has a new feature that can connect to the Body Composition Meter and Activity Monitor by TANITA Corp is the famous Japanese healthcare manufacturer!

It is a definitive edition in the genre of moevation fitness app!

*Burn Your Fat With Me! 2 has Japanese Language and for iOS Only.

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