We will provide the 1st BYFWM for free downloadable from September 1, 2017!

Hello, everybody. I’m figma is the producer of the BYFWM series.

The season came near to autumn in the twinkling of an eye. Japan is about to have the nicest season. How is your country?

Since we couldn’t do a big update for this app for a long time and we can’t announce the concrete plan for the big update and other plans for now.

However, We have a good news for everyone.

We decided to provide the 1st BYFWM with free-to-play on the App Store and Google Play.

We have been developing this title as the payable app until now.

But the app market is big changed from the past.
We think that what the app will be able to be played by a lot of users more than now is that we should change the sales method.

At the new version(5.5), basically everyone can enjoy all of the contents with free-to-play.
*The user needs to use the Medal which can exchange it to the add-on.

Changed specification details for Ver 5.5

 ①The user can get Add-ons with using in-app item(Medal).
 ②The user can get the Medal after watching ad-movie or succeeded the achievements.
  Also, you can get medals after you have done the training with free-mode as well.
 ③Added stickers and achievements on the collection system.

This time, we just announce the information. Please wait for to start providing the new version.

We expect that a lot of users in the world will play this new version to enjoy!

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