Our new series will be called Gochi-Show! Japanese Cooking Everywhere.

Last year, we at Creative Freaks started work on a new project, and now we can finally make it’s announcement official!

Our new series will be called Gochi-Show! Japanese Cooking Everywhere, and it’s, you guessed it, a cooking game! “Gochi-Show”comes from the Japanese word “Gochisou”which is said after meals to show thanks. “Gochisou”can also refer to a feast or banquet. We decided to call our new app Gochi-Show because we wanted to show people all over the world how to cook popular Japanese dishes in a fun package with a story and lessons to boot.We also like to think of our new app like a TV show that users can watch while learning fundamental cooking skills that can be used in all types of cooking.
Gochi-Show will be our second major series after our previous, wildly successful Burn Your Fat With Me! exercise app.

The English version is set to come out during Summer 2016. We are also working on a version that will be compatable with Windows PC & Tablet!

Gochi-Show!’s official Japanese language website can be found here.

Like the title suggests, this game is all about cooking, and should be a fun way to learn and expand one’s cooking repretoire.

And with cooking comes great responsibility so…

Make sure to get your ingredients and a pan lined up beforehand.❤️

This game won’t be able to claim any first ever titles like Burn Your Fat With Me! did with its virtual dating sim meets motivational exercise app concept, but our new game will follow in the footsteps of Burn Your Fat With Me! in that it will be a how-to guide of sorts and allow players to build real life skills through a virtual game.
After much trial and error, we’re proud to announce the creation Gochi-Show!

I’m sure there are many people who never had the time to sit down and properly learn cooking,but wish they had,and rely off a stream of frozen dinners and eating out because they can’t cook. And, it doesn’t help that many cookbooks assume you’re already an Iron Chef with unlimited skills and resources.

I mean, seriously, how much is in a “little bit”of salt and pepper, or a pinch?!
Is there even a difference??? And cutting onions into thin wedges…how?
(The frantic researching begins…)


For a beginner, cooking is like a locked treasure box where you know what’s inside, and you know it’s something good, but it’s hard to get into it. You need the key. In this case, the key is the knowledge and technique required to create delicious meals that can be easily cooked at home.Of course, there are thousands if not millions of recipes online, but many assume you already have the basic techniques down and can sometimes be difficult to understand or prepare. Also, without practice, it’s easier to forget what one has learned. Gochi-Show will offer techniques and unlimited practice opportunities to help make cooking easier and more successful every time.

There are also places where one can earn cooking with a professinal chef in person as well as technical schools that train aspiring chef’s for careers, but they can be expensive and might not meet a beginner’s needs. They are places where people go to polish their skills, not necessarily learn the principles of home cooking.

That is why we offer points and mini lessons within the main lessons to offer beginners the chance to learn the necessary techniques to prepare, cut, and in some cases gut in order to build a skill set that can be used in any type of cooking whether it’s Japanese, fusion, or Italian.

And for those with little confidence in their cooking, we hope this app will give you the chance to challenge yourself and be able to see an improvement in both your cooking and confidence after completion. More than anything else we hope that this app will help people improve their lives through the tastiness like Burn Your Fat With Me! helped people improvet their lives through healthy exercise.

With that in mind, we’re looking forward to releasing Gochi-Show!

Of course our new app won’t be only cooking. There’ll be a story game just like our previous apps, but have decided to tone down on the romance aspect for now to make this app available to a wider audience of all ages. We also plan to add more recipes and storylines after the initial release so you have a reason to take another bite out of Gochi-Show!

We really didn’t mean to make Gochi-Show the same as, but after much blood sweat, tears, and labor, it somehow ended up looking similar in appearance, but we have high hopes that this game will be fun and quircky in its own way.
The same amazing staff from Burn Your Fat With Me! have combined their powers once again to make this magical gem from Japan so we hope that everyone gives our new game a taste when it comes out.

I’m so happy I could cry.

Ironically, our staff have been living off cup ramen while making this. Σ(|||▽||| )

We have plans to release the Japanese version in March 2016 the English version in Summer, 2016. Stay tuned!

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