Update: 4th Year Anniversary BYFWM! For Girls Out Now!

《Get in shape with Burn Your Fat With Me! Download links below!》

iOS Version
Android Version

The next part in BYFWM! for Girls is finally here! Get your update now at iOS app store and Google Play!


【Things to Look for in Ver.4.0】

The new episodes will be focused around a new exercise, back extensions!

There are also new outfits for your training partners!

▪️Introducing Shinobu Kujou

2015-07-24 14.20.58
Sit Ups
2015-07-24 14.21.32
2015-07-24 14.22.24
Push Ups
Back Extension

You can now add Shinobu to your collection of training partners.
The Japanese Voice Actor is none other than…
Yūsuke Kobayashi!!!

Well known roles in-
The Heroic Legend of Arslan as Arslan
Yona of the Dawn as Soo-won
Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of a Dirty Joke Doesn’t Exist as Tanukichi Okuma
Shirobako as Daisuke Hiraoka


【What’s new in Version 4.0 】

•Back extensions episodes (The entire 4th story)
•Shinobu as a new training character (Apprx. 40 words of voiced encouragement and count to 200)
*Shinobu can be used for sit ups, push-ups, squats too!
•Ability to change your training partner for back extensions to Kei, Tomo, or Shiba (The director)!


【Word from Creative Freaks Staff】

As the weather gets colder, I find myself shut in doors more often. ^^;
Everyday I don’t want to leave the warm kotatsu and wishing I could hibernate.
Then I realized…
Tis the season for Burn Your Fat With Me! This is why I created such a game in the first place, to give everyone the motivation to improve their lives in a fun, meaningful fashion!
So everyone, continue your muscle training through these long, winter months for a healthy body!


《Get in Shape with BYFWM! for Girls. Download links below.》

iOS Version
Android Version

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