Introducing the 4th Year Anniversary Series! The Original Burn Your Fat With Me! Ver.5.

December 16th will be the Mayu Uehara’s, the protagonist in Burn Your Fat With Me! Birhtday. It is also the anniversary of Creative Freak’s original release of the Burn Your Fat With Me! Series.

To celebrate our 4th anniversary, we’ve decided to add additional content to both the original BYFWM! and BYFWM! For Girls.

To follow our recent announcement of the new updates for BYFWM! For Girls, we’d like to go ahead and give you an idea of what’s in store for BYFWM! Original.

To download the app follow the links below.

iOS Version
Android Version



We realized a fault with BYFWM! Continues Training Episodes Vol. 1, and it was a big. Once the story was finished, players found they had nothing left to do. In other words, no more motivation!

In order to fix this we added some new episodes with our Continues Training Episodes Vol. 1, bringing another 60 episodes to BYFWM! However, each of these episodes took 200 motivation points to unlock so they were difficult to complete (I wonder how many people actually completed them successfully ^^;).

Therefore we created the next continuation in BYFWM!, a set of an all new 60 episode storyline that will unlock each new story at only 100 motivation points! Like all of our previous episodes, the player will find themselves in a variety situations while exploring the world that is Burn Your Fat With Me!

“Sometimes it’d be nice to train with a cute girl in a scenic location.”

We decided to help out those wanting a change in scenery and a new moevational partner who will set a good example for players to follow in their daily regimens. Keeping our players requests in mind, we now present Continues Training Episodes vol. 2!!!


【Continues Training Episodes vol. 2】

Just like the name this new feature will henceforth be dubbed Continues Training Episodes vol. 2! There will be another brand new 60 episodes in total!

Like before, there will be enough content to keep you motivated and engaged for a long time. Even if you do 100 sit ups a day every day, it will still take more than a month to complete everything.

We especially recommend this to those who’ve completed all the stories and add-ons already and need a fresh story to give them a boost. We’ve also made this next part of the story easier to get through than our previous Continues Training Episodes, but made sure that it will still take a looooong time to finish (^_-)


【New Features】

▪️There will be no training within the episodes.

Due to the nature of the script, training within the episodes will interfere with the flow.
You can unlock each episode at 100 points.
You’ll be able to set Sakura as your training partner for all exercises.

▪️Powerful Performances

You’ll go through many adventures with protagonist Mayu Uehara (your character’s wife), but will you be limited to only her voice?!
Unlike before, there will also be voice overs for supporting characters who appear throughout the episodes!

▪️Complete Japanese Voice Over

With the exception of a few minor characters, Continues Training Episodes vol. 2 will be fully voiced.

▪️Introducing the New Girl, Sakura

Back Extention

By training with Sakura, you can advance the story in Continues Training Episodes vol. 2.
You can train with her for any exercise (sit ups, squats, push-ups, and back extensions). You’ll also be able to recieve more training motivational phrases from her as the story progresses. After clearing an episode, you’ll be able to unlock replayable quotes from Sakura.

▪️Sakura will be voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa.

Just like the above says, the one and only Tomoyo Kurosawa will play the part of Sakura!
For those who don’t know, Tomoyo also played the parts of:

Kumiko Oumae in Sound! Euphonium
Miria Akagi in The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
Otome Arisugawa in Aikatsu!

In BYFWM, she will play the part of a frail girl a little younger than your character who wants to become stronger. We hope her character provides a different form of motivation that doesn’t rely on bossing you and egging you to get your butt off the couch and move it. Sakura will offer a new flavor to your motivation arsenal with her sheer will power to improve herself.

▪️No English Voice Over

There will be no English voice over available for Continues Training Episodes vol. 2. However, there will be English subtitles available.


【What’s in the Continues Training Episodes vol.2】

The following are included in the download.
>60 episodes (full voice included)
>A new training partner, Sakura (Apprx. 40 motivational words, and voiced count to 200)*
*Available for squats, sit ups, push-ups, and back extensions

Price: 4$


【Release Date】

December 12th, 2015

We are awaiting certification for iOS devices.
We already have certification for Android devices so we are ready to release the new updates any day.
If by chance the iOS certification is late and we are unable meet the projected date, we will still release the Android version.


【A Word from figma@CreativeFreaks】

On December 16th, we will release volume 2 of Continues Training Episodes for the original BYFWM! I’m very delighted to share this creation with all of you.

Did everyone enjoy the last update with performances by Sora Fukui too?

Last time I created a story with the intent on making the player fall into a world that played with being slice of life.
This time I wanted to make something that was like a game, a movie, and an anime. Now users can enjoy the game’s playfulness while creating a new identity for themselves.

However, there is one thing I regretted deeply. That is, due to a tight budget, we were unable to acquire performances for all the roles in our series. We cut lines and erased characters from our storyboards. Then, I realized something.

That sucks!
(Even though it was out of my control)

That’s why I decided to fully voice the supporting characters as well as many others performance that I normally would not add. Just like when I first created BYFWM!, I’ve managed to keep a sense of play and openness.
Sometime in the future I want to come back and create another game for everyone to enjoy and find use for in the future.

Thank you all for your support!
Now to count down the days until the release…


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