Celebrating 4 Years of BYFWM series! BYFWM for Girls Update Announcement

December 16th will be the Mayu Uehara, the protagonist in Burn Your Fat With Me! Birhtday. It is also the anniversary of Creative Freak’s original release of the Burn Your Fat With Me! Series.

To celebrate our 4th anniversary, we’ve decided to add additional updates to both the original BYFWM! and BYFWM! For Girls (assuming we get certification for the iOS version on time ^_^; ).

In this post we’ll introduce what’s new in this next update for BYFWM! For Girls.

To download the app follow the links below.

iOS version
Android version

《New Character Voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi (English:Michael Kovach》

We’ve added a new character! Up till now, BYFWM! For Girls has been notorious for the abusive, bad-mouthed protagonist, Kei (He’s only mean at first, we promise!), but thanks to user feedback, both positive and negative, we’ve decided to make our new addition the antithesis of Kei, nice, sweet, and adorable.

Let us know what you think of the new hottie on the block. ^_-

The new character is voiced by none other than Yūsuke Kobayashi, a famous voice actor in Japan, whose gentle voice we found fitting for the part, adds a new flavour to the cast of characters in the world of BYFWM! for Girls.
Feel free to make him your new uber sexy training partner!

《New Episodes + New Back Extension Exercises!》

Sit ups, squats, push ups, and now…
Back Extensions!!!
We’ve added the back extension exercises that were previously featured in the original BYFWM! to BYFWM! for Girls. iOS users can use their face recognition sensors to automatically keep count while you’re exercising.***

(***Sadly we are only able to implement the screen tapping function for Android users. For iOS users whose phone’s sensors are not functioning properly, you may switch your setting to manually keep track of counting by tapping your devices touch screen.)
The characters available to train with are Kei Katsuragi, Tomo Maizono, Ryuji Shiba, and Shinobu Kujou (New character!).
(*Disclaimer* Outside of Kei all other training partners require one to purchase the appropriate downloadable content.)

As with other exercises, you can earn moevation points through back extensions. You’ll also be able to unlock new character quotes and phrases. For the Japanese seiyu fans out there, this also means that you can potentially unlock voice clips from both Daisuke Namikawa (Kei’s voice actor) and Yūsuke Kobayashi. The English voice acotrs are Jon Bullock (Kei) and Michael Kovach (Shinobu).
We realized that some people want more episodes to keep them more motivated! We hope you challenge yourself with this next part in the series.

《Products & Releases & Campaigns…Oh My!》

The download relase date is scheduled to be December 11, 2015.
Downloadable content
 Back Extensions Add On 3$
 Back Extension Character Add On 2$

We plan on having a campaign to give out special interviews (Japanese only) and signatures from Daisuke Namikawa and Yūsuke Kobayashi so stayed tuned! ^_^

《A Final Word from Figma@creativefreaks》

I’ve been meaning to write about BYFWM! for Girls for a while now, yet it has been two years since we’ve finished recording all the voices and added push ups. There simply hasn’t been any new content in the updates until now.

This means that all the content in this update is 100% new. BYFWM! is an concept that I put my sweat, blood, and tears into, and somehow against all odds published it (I was a part of a Doujin circle at the time).
At first I didn’t have the confidence to add any new exercises beyond push ups. I worried, is it even possible to add a new exercise into the game?

Two years have passed since then, and I got to work with the talented Daisuke Namikawa once again. I’m so glad he remembered us! I want to continue creating more great features in the future.
All of us at Creative Freaks want to extend our gratitude for all the warm support we’ve received from fans all over the world.

I hope everyone enjoys the new updates when they come out!

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